Cie will take part in the exibition MECSPE in Parma from 23 to 25 March 2017. We will present the platform Scada Cloud-based IPS Cloud designed to improve control, optimize efficiency and reduce the costs of a production line.
You can find us at stand F05 in pavillion 5 at Fiere di Parma – Viale delle Esposizioni 393A – 43126 Parma PR.
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Technological innovation in recent years caused a rapid evolution of remote control systems in three main aspects: connectivity, cloud storage and scalability.


Connectivity: The remote control system must allow users to connect from anywhere simply through an internet connection. By using the browser from any device, without any dedicated software, it must be possible to interact with the system by displaying the general status, changing variables, analyzing trends or receiving notifications.


Cloud storage: The evolution in technology requires that archived data, stored and processed on ocal computers now must be moved to cloud platforms that offer the possibility to set virtualized resources and services required by companies. This system allows to reduce IT and acquire cloud tools according to the needs of the moment with considerable cost benefits due to the reduction of software installation costs, hardware maintenance, upgrades and backup.

IPS Cloud is born according to these conditions and fully meets the needs of businesses by offering a top level system in terms of technological innovation.



Cie will take part in the exibition Fornitore Offresi in Erba From 2 to 4 February 2017.

It will be presented the IPS Cloud supervision system and in particular its benefits in the machine tool supervision to improve control, optimize efficiency and reduce costs.
We will be present the 2,3 and 4 February 2017 at the Convention & Exhibition Center LarioFiere in Viale Resegone – 22036 Erba (Co) at stand No. 422 of the pavilion C.


Fornitore Offresi exibition official web site


Budget Law 2017

Hyper decontribution 250%

The new Budget Law 2017 introduces several measures including tax reduction for investments in the Industry 4.0, in particular it is expected a de tax operation of 250% for purchases in specific areas starting from January 2017 up to June 2018.

The difference from the previous decontribution, in addition to the extended bonus of up to 250%, is that the benefit is directed to the companies which will invest in high technology, research and development.

The 4127 Law project presented on October 29 2016 in addendum A and B specifies the products which benefit of tax reduction.
The law now it’s still under construction so changes are possible before the final approval in the 2017 Budget Law.

The IPS cloud supervision system meets the required characteristics, we are waiting for the confirmation by the end of 2016.

PROJECT LAW N. 4127 – October 29, 2016 (Italian)


New remote temperature control capabilities

The new remote temperature control feature allows a clever management of heating systems and air-conditioning. In addition to the normal thermoregulation functions the remote control offers the possibility to set different configurations of the system in real time to avoid waste of energy. It is possible to configure specific alerts to correct promptly any fault occurred. Through the temperature graphs, you can analyze the efficiency of the system.

Ips Cloud


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Our new website is online

SPS IPC Drives


Cie took part in SPS IPC Drives Italy 2016, exhibition dedicated to industrial automation technology

Visitors could appreciate our supervision system IPS Cloud and its benefits