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impianti elettrici industriali

Hardware and software electrical engineering
Industrial automation electrical panels
Industrial electrical plants
Explosion proof plants
Remote control supervisors

controllo remoto impianti industriali

Our services

automazione impianti industriali cie italia

Impreove control
Optimize efficiency
Reduce costs

ipad controllo remotoips cloud tutto sotto controllo

Industrial Automation

The company provides turnkey solutions for every need: industrial electrical systems, explosion proof systems, supervisory systems, industrial automation, data transmission equipments, power distribution, special electrical equipments and more.

The main objective is to offer a complete service starting from the feasibility study to the final testing of the product.

ips cloud controllo remoto impianti industriali

The supervision system IPS Cloud is a powerful cloud-based scada platform designed to improve control, optimize efficiency and reduce a production line costs.

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EXIBITION MECSPE 2017 Cie will take part in the exibition MECSPE in Parma from 23 to 25 March 2017. We will present the platform Scada Cloud-based IPS Cloud designed to improve control, optimize efficiency and reduce the costs of a production…


SUPERVISION 4.0 REMOTE CONTROL IN 2017 Technological innovation in recent years caused a rapid evolution of remote control systems in three main aspects: connectivity, cloud storage and scalability.   Connectivity: The remote…


FORNITORE OFFRESI 2017 - LARIOFIERE Cie will take part in the exibition Fornitore Offresi in Erba From 2 to 4 February 2017. It will be presented the IPS Cloud supervision system and in particular its benefits in the machine tool supervision…